Weekly Reading – 13th July

In the dance of life sometimes we move towards our purpose and sometimes away from it. This is the dance of life, the sometimes forward, sometimes backwards, sometimes sideways movement, because even when we are crystal clear about our purpose, the path is not a straight line and this shimmy and jiggy is part of the process. This week you may find yourself backing and forthing or you may be questioning your path and purpose. It is natural to question and it is important to question because how else will you course correct. The thing to know is that sometimes it is just the dance and nothing really needs correcting.

The second part of the message is the recognition and reward that comes with our quest. Sometimes the reward comes when we put in the effort and do the ‘good deeds’ and sometimes the reward comes pretty unexpectedly, while we are busy doing other things. Don’t mistake the lack of reward as an indicator of what you shouldn’t be doing. Sometimes there is a lag between your effort and reward and oftentimes when you surrender the effort, that’s when the reward comes pouring in. And sometimes the stars just need to align. There is nothing wrong with looking for outward appreciation for your efforts and you will receive them, just keep in mind that they may not appear as and when you expect them to.

Remember the dance and know that some things will whizz by when you are taking a dip and some things may splatter in your face if you are in the lead. And then there are times when you will be in perfect alignment and be able to catch all the rewards. None of us can be in perfect alignment all the time but all of us can enjoy the dance. And at some point, there will be applause and there will be accolades – stand tall and receive them with grace.

This week remember to enjoy the dance even as the applause flows to you.

Have a lovely week.

PS: I’m making some site changes this week so there may be some tech issues. In case you cannot access the site – next week it will be at darpankaur.com 🙂

Learn Tarot with me

The other day someone asked me if I do readings for myself all the time and I felt a tad bit sheepish saying yes, yes I do. I can’t imagine life without my cards and it is true that sometimes I draw them for pretty frivolous stuff – the answer though is always insightful and often changes my perspective.

There is a lot to learn in Tarot and unlike Oracle cards it does need to be learnt, but the width and depth of the guidance they provide is astounding. Not surprising as they’ve been around for centuries. The Rider Waite deck itself is from the 1900s. It feels incredible that something with so much history is still used in modern times pretty much as is. The meanings and interpretations though have come a long way.

The online Tarot course is done with the Rider Waite deck as the meaning of the cards is based on the imagery of this deck. And this is the only requirement for the course. It’s a two-day workshop, 25th-26th July, 10 am -5 pm. The energy exchange is 5500/- if you sign up before the 10th of July.

In the course, you will learn how to read the cards and the different spreads and even learn to create your own. You will learn how to do readings for yourself and for others. And there will be exercises to develop your intuitive powers.

Write to me if you are keen to learn and please do forward to anyone who may be interested.

Here is what others have said about the course.

“I recently did a tarot reading course with Darpan which was so enriching and empowering.  I am grateful to her for opening me up to this modality. It has opened me up to another beautiful dimension of the universe. She said something at the beginning of the course, “ you didn’t choose the tarot but it chose you”, sheer magic. I believe in the magic of the cards even more now especially because of the way she helped me see it and guided me through the training. The course was very concise yet expansive of sorts. She came prepared each day with something new and exciting for us and by the end of the course, I feel so ready to offer this to others. Thank you so much Darpan for being such a beautiful coach.” Sheena, Singapore

“Darpan carries a sense of calm and peace that would draw any troubled soul seeking guidance. I have been following her blog and have done a Tarot course with her. She is generous with her knowledge, and learning from her was a beautiful experience for me.” Shilpa, Mumbai

PS: here is the reading for July

July Message

There are three parts to the message for July and then a tidbit about this week. The three parts are – the message for the material, the emotional and the spiritual.

July corresponds to the number seven in numerology and combined with this year it adds up to the number eleven. The number 7 is the most spiritual of numbers and is also the most challenging of numbers. Combined with the master number 11, we can expect this month to be a spiritually challenging time. It is possible too that this month it may feel like the heart and mind are pulled in different directions. The thing to remember is that it is the mind that needs to be mastered and heart that needs to be soothed. Don’t ignore either as true mastery is when the heart and mind are aligned and your intent is clear and that is when everything falls into place.

Physically you may find that July is causing you a few sleepless nights. The Lunar eclipse has a tendency to cloud emotions and you may feel like you are unsure about how you really feel. This particular full moon is meant to illuminate the conflict between your roots and the direction you want to go. There is something that is in-between where you have come from and where you want to go and it is time to shed some light on it. It may be a question of loyalty or a question of trust or maybe something else – sometimes we want certain things but if it takes us away from our family and friends we may choose to stay where we are instead of pursuing our dreams. Dig deeper into your past so that you can clear up the barrier to your future. Use the energy of the moon to release what no longer serves you (the full moon energy works for a couple of nights before and after).

Emotionally you may find that a reunion or something from the past has triggered a bigger emotional response from you than what you expected. You may again find that your thoughts and feelings differ regarding the person or situation. Rationally you may think that the person is not worth your time but the heart may want what it wants. or could be the other way around. As always pay attention to what your heart wants and compare it to what your mind says and you may find that there are holes in the logic of the mind. The cards urge you to open up your mind and look with a new perspective.

Spiritually you may find that you have come back full circle to the things you may have started your spiritual journey with. Or it could be some things that you thought you had resolved have flared back up. The cards want you to know that in our spiritual journey and healing journey we keep coming back to the same place over and over again. The same place though is not really the same place because you have done a whole cycle of learning and healing and now it’s time for Level2 of the same issue or experience. It may feel similar but if you look closely you will see that it is not the same because you are not the same. You now have more in your arsenal and you certainly have more experience now so don’t lament the repetition, instead gird your loins and jump into this next level of healing.

The coming week should be a good one as the Sun is in ascendence and you may find yourself feeling more uplifted as compared to last week. Some good news or happy thoughts will keep you cheerful this week and you will certainly find yourself more energised and inspired. Ride the energy especially towards the latter part of the week and you will be rewarded for it. Do try and get some Sun this week as well, all that lovely solar energy will keep you healthy and energised and also provide a nice balance to the emotional lunar energy.

Have a lovely week.

Weekly Reading

I’m moving to a weekly reading as the daily one has become a little tough to manage. Let me know how it goes for you :).

This week is a rather significant one. If you’ve been looking for the light at the end of the tunnel it will be there for you. Moreover, you will realise that you are the light-bearer and you hold within you what you are seeking. The Hermit and the Chariot are rather significant cards to get in a reading though ordinarily, you would have the Chariot preceding the Hermit. Your Journey leads you to the light within. Here, however, there is a spark of insight into what you must do or an idea of what your destination will be is the inspiration to your journey.

Maybe you already have an inkling of the future you want to create or maybe that deep knowing will come to you this week and with it, the path will become clearer and you can take the first step into this journey. Take some time out from work and/or domestic concerns to go within and know that all the answers you seek lie within you. You can do this one your own or allow yourself some help – google a nice meditation and just sink inwards. The Hermit usually appears when you are at a pivotal point in your life and mostly leads to change in direction. Having the Chariot accompanying this card only reinforces the point that there is a redirection required in your life journey.

Maybe your heart and mind are pulling you in different directions. Remember though that you are the charioteer and you hold the reins, and you are the master of your mind. Maybe you are distracted from your path by something shiny and illusionary. There are times when it is good to take time to smell the roses and watch the butterflies flit by but now is not that time. This week will demand that you keep your focus on what will lead you to your destination. Let go of your distractions and get moving. Sometimes the stars align and with a little effort you can reach your milestone much faster, this is that time so don’t waste it.

In material terms, these cards can signify travel and movement – maybe even to a retreat or health camp. As that seems unlikely for most of us –  an online workshop, especially from a location distant to yours, maybe the way to go.

Have a lovely week <3 

The universe has your back

If things don’t go right today, go left. Today’s card is a reminder that the universe has your back. When you don’t get what you want it’s because the universe has better things in store for you. When things don’t work out it’s because going that route wouldn’t have been good for you. If the internet isn’t working when you have that important call, it could be that the timing wasn’t right or the conversation wouldn’t have been.

Watch out for some synchronicity today and know that it is the universe is speaking to you. Look and listen to the signs that the universe is sending your way. If something isn’t working then don’t force it – wait for a bit or look at alternates. And trust that the universe is always working in your favour. 

Have an awesome day <3

Little Red Riding Hood

We have all been victims of circumstance at some point or another. Sometimes things happen that we have no control over and we end up feeling helpless. Just keep in mind that a situation can make you feel helpless momentarily but that doesn’t mean that you have lost your power in any way.

Maybe you were mistreated and maybe you retreated to lick your wounds for a bit and that is perfectly all right. It is time now though to get back in touch with your inner Wolf. It’s time to show the world that you can bite back. Breathe in and let out your wolf cry as you become the hunter, not the hunted. The universe is lending you strength so make sure to breathe it in and lean on the universe if you need to. You are more powerful than you realise and you can walk through the forest fearlessly.

Have a howling good day.

PS: Keep a watch out for any wolf mentions today


Take some time today to connect with your heart. Figure out where and why it hurts and what needs mending. Do it not for the other but for yourself and keep in mind that closing your heart is never the answer.

Whether you stay or go in the relationship, don’t carry the burden of hurt or resentment. Express your feelings because shoving them inside will only cause them to implode. If you are the one in the wrong then don’t be afraid to apologise from your heart. It’s time to forgive, to release, to make peace, and to make amends. When we close ourselves to the one who hurts us we tend to close ourselves overall. The cycle of hurt and then withdrawal can become a trap. Open up and set yourself free.

Remember that true forgiveness starts with yourself so forgive yourself first and the rest becomes easier. 

Much love today. 

Ocean of Emotion

The element of water relates to our emotions and considering how much water we have in our body we can say we are pretty emotional beings. For some reason, we are conditioned to suppress our feelings, logic, reasoning and a stiff upper lip are what we are taught. It, in fact, makes so many people uncomfortable when others show their emotions.

To show your feelings is a pretty vulnerable process and it is one odd person whom you can be your emotional self but show you must else the ocean inside will overwhelm you. Have a safe place where you can talk about how you are feeling – this is important especially in the time we are in now. It is but natural to feel worried or anxious, cabin fever is a real thing and being cooped up can bring up all sorts of low feelings. And the retrograde doesn’t help either. It is also not okay to dismiss your feelings and convince yourself by false positivity (this positive thinking is another conditioning which should be reevaluated!).

The message today is that it is pretty important to look at your emotional self and pay attention to what is going on inside. The emotional play in your inner world you are feeling could be reflected in your outer world through aches and pains in your body, leaky taps in your house, internet issues, conflicts or even a rat showing up. Look into what is within and just sit with your emotions for a bit, if you can get a friend or a therapist to be with you while you sort through your emotional landscape, all the better. Do this for yourself today <3

Nine of Cups

This is an unusual card to get during a retrograde but a perfect one to get after a solar eclipse. If you’ve been feeling the effect of the retrograde the past week then there will be a welcome change of pace now.

Some light will shine chasing away your shadows. You will find that things are falling into place today and the work that was stalled will get moving. You may find that you end the day feeling quite satisfied with where you are.


You may find yourself dwelling upon how things used to be or how you used to be. This is of course exacerbated in the time of covid but this message is not just about that. Maybe it is a relationship or the things in the current relationship. Maybe it’s the things you used to enjoy or just how you were. Memories are strange things and the filter in our memories grows as we grow. We remember parts of situations, relationships and even ourselves not the whole picture. And whilst it is good to reminisce don’t make it your goal to recapture anything from your past. Maybe your job was better or your relationship but even if you could go back it would not be the same because you would then experience all the stuff you’ve forgotten. If it’s the ‘you’ you’ve been missing then know that you already have her within you – maybe not exactly the way you remember her but she’s there and all you need to do is access her.

Don’t dismiss the longing but don’t drown in it either, instead gently turn your attention to all that you have now and all that you are now and see how the past was a stepping stone to where you are today.

Full Moon in Virgo

If you know any Virgos or if you are one, you would know that they are highly critical of themselves (which also makes them highly critical of the world around them). The message today from the Full Moon in Virgo, is to watch out for your own inner critic and maybe even do some tough talking to your critical self (kindly of course :)).

Our inner critic is constantly telling us how we could be better and this actually is the biggest obstacle in our way. Whenever we allow our ego to convince us that there isn’t enough to go around, not enough time, money, energy, resources, etc., we get in the way of our own goals. The message today is to get out of your own way, say hush to that voice that says you are not enough and just go do what you want because you are good enough. If the composite energy of the Universe thinks you are Enough and is making sure you are reading this message then it must be true, right!!

Have a lovely day <3


Sometimes when we are given the choice between one or another we tend to forget that there is a third choice – the choice to pick neither or the choice to take both. If someone is giving you an ultimatum and it doesn’t make you feel good then try stepping back or even walking away from the situation.

If you’re feeling stuck with something, know that you have more options then you realise. Give it a little time and you will see more possibilities opening up for you. Today unstiffen yourself and then look again at the options and a path will present itself to you.

Message from the Tree

Take care of your health today. Even if you are just feeling tired take rest and drink plenty of fluids and don’t push yourself to work. We may all be working from home but that doesn’t mean that we have to work even while feeling unwell. Get some fresh air and see if you can move some plants indoors (not the bedroom but the living area).

The rain can make it pretty miserable especially when you’ve been cooped up at home for so long. Add some warm lights and scents if it’s been rainy where you are. Brew some coffee or light some coffee-scented candles and let it flow through the house, vanilla works as well, as does the smell of baking :).

Oh and touch a tree or plant just to say Hi 🙂

Soul Retrieval

We haven’t been out and about for over two months now. We haven’t ‘dressed up’, we haven’t been in a group situation as much as before and we have had to spend quality time with ourselves. Take a pause today to figure how you behave differently when only with yourself. From the clothes you choose to wear, the food you eat, how you behave, what you think, what your interests have been. And think about the things you do to just go along, the stuff you stuff down because you’ll be the odd one out. Think about the things you do to be accepted, to belong not just to your group but to the outer world.

There does seem to be a reset button which got pressed here and we have all got to retrieve the parts of ourselves that we had lost because we didn’t have the space or time for it or there was hurt and we just had to let go. This has occurred naturally but there are things you can get back with a thought. Think about what you miss about yourself, the parts which were but aren’t anymore. Call them back either with a thought or with a ritual (and you know I love making a ritual out of anything so message me if you want to do it!). And step into the whole of you.


There have been so many messages and symbols of transformation the past week or so and here is a dragonfly with one more. The economy has opened up and it is a big shift from cocooning ourselves to stepping out into an uncertain world. We can tell ourselves not much has changed but there is a huge energy shift which happens when the cocooning drops. Be gentle with yourself and don’t push yourself to step out too quickly. If you want to but there is something that is stopping you – listen to that internal or external voice because that is the voice of the universe. There is also a possibility of a change in direction and that too is guidance from the universe. Take baby steps and with every step listen to your internal compass to figure if it’s the right direction, the turns are easier to take when you are not speeding.

If there is something different or unexpected that happens today, don’t fight it and certainly don’t be disheartened by it. Just take it as course correction from the universe.

Have a lovely day!

Message from the Scorpion

message from the scorpion

The Scorpion hugs the ground as it scuttles forward, it uses the ground to balance and for forward momentum. And that is the message from the universe today. You may be experiencing some uncertainty either in the external world or in your inner world and change does come with a big dollop of fear and uncertainty. The universe would like to remind you that the ground beneath your feet is stable even as the world around you changes or even as you change. If you feel like it, you could just lie on the floor and feel the stable, solid earth beneath you (front and back would be good). While doing this, pay attention to your body sensation and feel what releases, what tension eases and then take in what energy flows from the Earth to you.

These are uncertain times and it is but natural to feel uncertain. We all are uncertain about how this will play out and what the conclusion will be or if there even will be a conclusion. None of us know what the new normal will be and even as we take it in our stride there is a part of us that needs a little reassurance. Let the ground under your feet be that reassurance for you. Take in the energy that is being offered to you by the Earth and wrap it around you as you scuttle onward.

Between Worlds

There is a place between what was and what will be and today’s message is to honour that in-between space. There is a lot that happens when change occurs and I don’t mean just the transformational kind of change but the smaller everyday (or maybe every-week) changes that happen.

It can be the change that happens when we have new knowledge or go through a new experience. Sometimes it is when we have a new insight into an existing situation. Sometimes we just see a pattern that was always there. Maybe last week something was shown to you and maybe it brought about some discomfort. If you are not sure then you could think back to all that happened and what emotions it brought forth. And now that you know you want to get to the other place – the place that the universe is guiding you to, the place where this realisation is leading you to. It’s not yet time though so you may need to be in this null space for a bit. To sit with what has emerged for a while before moving on to the new place.

In more practical terms, maybe you are in-between things right now – a physical move or a job shift or even a relationship – and even though the move has happened your energy still needs to catch up to the move. Give yourself a little time to get things in place and try not to be in a hurry to get it all done instantly. Just breathe and allow it to fall into place.

Have an easy day <3

Space Clearing

Nothing starts the week better than a spot of space clearing. Especially after a week like last week. The chaotic energy does seem to have mellowed now and I was wondering yesterday if it was too mellow. How was last week for you?

Today’s is a simple message of clearing the space around you. It could be clearing the physical space or doing an energy cleanse for the home or for yourself. There are so many options across cultures for clearing space and energy from incense to singing bowls, smudge sticks and essential oils (I love sandalwood and lavender), salt and bay leaves, Reiki and chanting. My favourites are a salt bath and burning some sage. Whatever is your fancy do that today and make a production out of it if possible. These things are so much fun when you make a big deal out of it and I feel that there is power in the ritual and production of it. Plus – no one ever objects to it.

If you are feeling low or out of sorts then make sure you do the clearing and your mood will be better for sure. There is a lot of anxiety and fear in the air and it is natural to pick up some of that energy. Try this and see if it makes you feel lighter.

Enjoy your space clearing today <3.


This week seems to have some disconnected messages and now that I think about it, it has been a strange week for me. There has been a yo-yo of emotions, feeling energised and exhausted, content and angsty. I wonder how it’s been for you?

Today’s message is to be wary of Greeks bearing gifts (I’m not sure I like this phrase actually and apologies to Greeks everywhere). The message is to look at the gift horse in the mouth (this feels better). If someone comes to you with a deal that looks good on paper, do the due diligence before committing to anything. If someone is suddenly being sweet and nice to you, don’t take that at face value, instead, ask what the person needs from you.

There is the energy of manipulation and deceit in the card and it would behoove you to be a bit careful today. I usually see the positive in most messages but today’s seems to be just this. Be wary today.


Change is in the wind today and the next few days. Change usually doesn’t happen overnight, there is a building up that happens and then the crossover and then there is time and space that is needed to align with the new equilibrium. Like with the wind, it is best to flow with rather than resist the change.

Today’s message is to figure out what has shifted within and how is it reflected without. The message is also to give yourself time to settle into the change rather than try to hit the ground running. Pull back and observe but don’t resist. Also pay attention to what has been simmering for you for a while now, you will have many clues as to what is transforming for you. Maybe it’s a new way of feeling or being. Maybe it’s material like a job or home. Maybe it’s relationships. The past two days have also talked about new beginnings and for something new to enter something else must exit. Don’t regret the exit and don’t try to hold on to what was, it is not so much the price you pay but a rite of passage as you move to the next phase.

If you are not aware of what has changed then maybe you could focus on what you are resisting or rather what and where you find resistance from the universe. Obstacles just mean that you need to redirect on to a different path.

It’s a good day to take stock of where you have come and where you want to go and what has changed in between.

Take it easy today.

The Little Owl

It is said that truth hurts but that is not true at all. Truth and wisdom and clarity that follows the truth has the capacity to lighten you and the space around you. When you acknowledge the truth of something it is as if a burden has lifted from your back and the blinkers have gone from the eyes. 
The owl comes bearing the gift of clarity and wisdom. 

“You will be able to see more clearly, even when there is no light at all about you. The night will hold no fears for you. You will hear clearly what people are truly saying when they are speaking with you- their words’ true meanings will be utterly apparent immediately. You will be able to know exactly where people, beings and their energies are coming from so that it will be very simple to make wise decisions.”

Don’t be afraid of the truth today, seek it and hold true to it when you find it. Have a lovely day.